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Students Sanction The Institute

Student Sanctions of the Institute

General Rules

Students are expected to observe strict discipline in the institute building and on the lawns.

Students should not move about or talk unnecessarily in the corridors so that there is no disturbance in the class conduction.

Students should not enter the administrative offices or faculty rooms without prior permission.

Students should read the notice board regularly.

Students must display a card to identify them, while on the institute premises.

Students must be punctual in:

a) Attending lectures

b) Paying the institute dues

c) Returning library books

Prohibited Acts

Use of mobile phones in classrooms except for emergency needs.

Carrying or displaying any type of original/licensed or fake weapons, firearms, crackers, or any explosive incendiary material in the institute.

Sitting idle in the classroom is not acceptable both for male and female students.

Fighting/Quarreling with other students and classmates.

Possessing or use of alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, or other intoxicating drugs within the campus or during lectures, sports, or recreational tours.

Theft of any item, which is the institute property and any other student or staff property, including unauthorized taking away of library/lab equipment.

Students are not allowed to see their visitors or bring them to the institute during academic hours unless called by the institute.

Interference with CCTV cameras or any other equipment installed on campus.

Students are not allowed to leave the institute premises during academic hours.

Students are not allowed to walk or make noise near any office.

Students are not allowed to celebrate birthday parties during academic hours without approval.

Students are not allowed to intentionally damage the institute’s property.

Students are supposed to attend the co-curricular activities. They are not allowed to record videos during these functions.

Any student who violates the institute rules involves himself/herself in negative activities like strikes, or instigating other students to blow crackers will render himself/herself liable to disciplinary action.

Every staff member has the right to monitor/question students for not observing the institute rules and any report by the staff member will be held by the reported student


On the institute premises, the Principal’s authority is absolute, he has the power to impose a fine or some other appropriate punishment for a breach of institute discipline, rudeness to staff, disobedience irregularity, and disorderly behavior in terms of fines and penalties. 

A serious violation of these rules will render the student liable to be rusticated from the institute on the recommendation of the Disciplinary Committee.

Dress Code

Students should come in the proper dress code to the Institute.

Wearing any of the following dress (partly or completely) in public appearance would be considered a violation of the Institute dress code.

Inappropriate clothing for both male and female students such as; shorts, torn pants/jeans, sleeveless shirts, and tight or see-through dresses Wearing joggers/sleepers or exercise clothing on the campus

For Disciplinary Issues

Exemplary conduct and discipline are expected from LCC students. 

Any student involved in unethical and/or illegal activity, in the classroom or on the campus, shall be administered a stern warning by the Principal.

 If the defaulting student does not show improvement in behavior/conduct, his/her name will be struck off the Institute rolls.

Institute has zero tolerance for any form of aggressive behavior such as harassment, stalking, or ragging activities.

Any student aggrieved by any happening in the Institute shall complain to the Principal not with any outside authority unless the Principal permits him/her to do so.

For Classroom Disciplinary Issues

Any student misbehaving in the classroom shall at once be reported to the Principal/ Head of Academics by their respective Faculty Member. The Principal will take such action as he/she may deem appropriate.

For Result cards, Semester Wise transcripts

Transcripts and Degrees are issued only on the written requests/official emails of the students.

 Verbal or telephonic requests for Transcripts/Degrees are neither entertained nor accepted. 

UOE Result cards, Semester wise transcripts, NOCs, Bonafide Certificate, Institute leaving certificates & any other can be issued to the student subject to clearance from Accounts.

For Semester Freeze

A written request is needed to be filed to the Academics Department through the Students Affairs Office for a semester freeze during the semester.

 A valid reason is required to get such permission. In such a situation the dues paid are non-refundable and non-transferable to the next semester.

For Communicating Higher Authorities

Students are forbidden to contact any higher authority directly. Intended communication with any higher authority must be submitted through the Principal who will forward it if he/she considers it desirable.

For Library usage

Library’s Security Fee is mandatory to get the membership which is refundable upon degree completion.

A membership card will be issued to each member of the library. It is essential to bring a membership card for borrowing books.

Every student of The Institute is entitled to get two books for borrowing from the library at a time.

If the book is not returned on the due date then a fine of Rs 10/- per day (Including Saturday Sunday & holidays) will be charged for 7 days of delay.

If the student fails to return the book even after 7 days, he /she will impose a further fine of Rs 20/- per day for the next 7 days, and after that his /her library membership will be canceled and double the cost of the book will be recovered from him/her.

In case the book is damaged or lost, then the student will be required to pay double the original cost.

In the case of rare books, three times the cost will be charged.

Overdue fines must be deposited before the end of the semester otherwise membership will be suspended and the fine will be deducted from the library security of the member.

Eating, sleeping, and talking loudly are strictly prohibited in the library

For Lab Usage

In case of any damage or loss of any equipment in the lab, the full amount will be charged.

Behavior with Administration/Janitorial Staff

No students are allowed to misbehave with any administration member as well as laymen, office boys, and guards. Use Sir/Madam when addressing any staff members of the Institute.

Social Media and Online Defamation

Any student who is caught on any medium via social media /WhatsApp spreading defaming or slandering about the Institute and its member will be under the significant action

Playing Cards

Students are strictly not allowed to play cards in the Institute’s Premises.

Mode of Communication

Students are only allowed to communicate with each other and members of the institute in appropriate languages such as Urdu and English.

Institutional Grouping during any fights

Unfortunately, it has been observed the student made groups during fights and intentionally used words or actions to provoke other groups to be more violent or they show retaliatory behavior during fights. Any student or group who is involved in any type of fighting, directly and indirectly, will be suspended.

Gender Mixing

Students are strictly reminded that gender mixing is permissible only within the accepted social and cultural norms of society. Faculty tolerance should not be construed as an approval to undue intimacy or unacceptable proximity, openly or in

isolated areas. Girls and boys are not allowed to sit next to each other in the classrooms, labs, and library or outside the campus.

Calling Outsiders for Fighting Purpose

Calling out groups for fighting or any other purpose is strictly prohibited. Strict Legal action will be taken against the students & the individuals who will be involved in such acts. Involved students will be expelled from The Institute.

Abusive Language

No student is allowed to use abusive language in any circumstances.

Campus Cleanliness

It is the responsibility of all to keep the Campus environment clean and tidy. Therefore, no littering or trash should be carelessly thrown or left on the Campus premises. The designated waste bins should be used for the purpose.

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